Kori on Love Games 302

Well duh, I was pretending to be Sydney’s friend. I'm trying to win this game so I figure if I can act like I'm Sydney’s friend then I can use her against Judi. Not only that, but Sydney will be saving all of my guys and never put them up for elimination. What Sydney and I have outside of this show, is what we have -- it doesn't change. But when you’re playing a game, there are no friends. Everyone's a backstabber. Trust no one but yourself.

I loved my team for the rap challenge. It was by far the best challenge we have had yet. My team kicked ass and they were all for bashing Sydney and Judi, which was fine with me! Like I’ve said before, I'm not here to be friends with any of these b*tches. Judi is an idiot and forgot her lyrics during the rap battle. She cried like a little b*tch when she came off the stage. People can talk about how fake my lips, my boobs and my personality are, but I’ll fake this game until I make it. What doesn't kill me only makes me that much stronger. I should have won.

The rap battle was about bashing the other girls and that's what I did. I just bashed them a lot harder than they expected. After dissing Judi about John throwing a drink in her face she started crying like a baby, once again. Yet she's sitting here telling Sydney in her rap “Sydney is all tears and cries.” Judi is a walking contradiction. She just won because the judges felt bad for her. Judi thinks she can rap, pshhht please. If you can rap you shouldn't forget your words! #wack. I should have won. I bashed Sydney and Judi pretty hard. I thought that's what this challenge was about.

All I can say is LMFAO about Michael and Chris being alone together in the bathroom! I thought it was great entertainment for Joey and I. We laughed our asses off!! I know Chris and Mike are NOT gay. It just came across everyone like that. When you mix alcohol with a bunch of dudes, you get a little bromance goin’ on HAHA!
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