Kori on Love Games 308

When Edson told me he was on my team, I felt relieved and more confident that I would be able to win this thing with Joey. My main concern at this point was making sure that Judi didn’t suspect that Edson was on my team and send him home.

To be honest I started to suspect that Nick was trying to steal Joey from me. I would always catch Nick trying to pull Joey away and I started to worry that they would both go Team Judi. Nick didn’t seem to be in the house for any of the girls at this point so he just needed to go home and sort out what he really wants. He was also canoodling with Judi too much for my liking. Now Joey is all mine MUWAHAHHAAHAHAHA. *Lightning Strike in the background*

Knowing Joey was going to be waiting for me in the finale was every girls dream come true. I felt like we were getting married. I couldn’t wait to see him again and I knew regardless of what happened I had won at that point.

I just wanted to go home with Joey right then and there. After him kissing Judi and me kissing John I realized this was all just not for me anymore. Joey got my head back in the game so I stayed in Palm Springs with Judi and John. John is a shady character so I figured he was a 50/50 shot and whoever gave him the most love would be the one he chooses. I was willing to flirt and play along but that’s as far as it would go. I know him and Judi have an attraction but I hoped she wouldn’t do anything while Matt was waiting for her in LA.
I really didn’t care when I was eliminated. I had found exactly what I was looking for in Joey and I think any girl watching would agree with me. I just wanted to chase after him and be with him. I didn’t care and I was happy for Judi and Matt because they were in the same boat that Joey and I were in. We were all happy...well except for John.

After the finale, Joey moved out to Arizona and lived with me. It was awesome but I know Joey leaving all his friends and family back home was really hard on him and us. Right now he is in Florida. We still talk almost every day and in the next month or two I want to visit him in Florida. Disney World? Yes, please. Are we still together? No, but don’t count us down and out. Joey just has a lot to sort out with finishing school and I have high hopes for us down the road.
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