Sydney on Love Games 301

I look for a guy who is smart, genuine, moral, and aspirational. He needs to be motivated and has a drive! And someone who is sometimes brutally honest and who can keep my psycho ass in check! My ideal guy has to have these three qualities: good teeth, humor, and depth.

I've met Judi before the show and I love Judi. She's crazy off the wall but she's got a huge heart. We fight like sisters and we love like sisters. I wasn't surprised when I saw Kori again.

I wasn’t attracted to anyone specifically when I first saw the guys. It was a room of sexy men! My emotions were NOT intact. I thought the sext message was the perfect way to start off the competition ;)! I think Kori being the HBIC was well deserved by ONE vote. ;)

Kori and I were fighting because Kori runs her mouth. Regardless if I were black and blue in the face at the end of the fight I will ALWAYS stand up for myself. Ain't no b*tch gonna talk sh*t and NOT get hit. Smh! B*TCH I’M FROM THE SOUTH.
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