Dani Vs. Danny (LG, Ep. 405)

By Dani LG4

After this episode I realized that maybe I have no one on my side. Do any of these guys even want love or is it just a game?

Taylor, Shane, and Andre are all of equal importance to have on my side. Yeah I considered Shane to be my #1 guy, but having only Shane won’t get me far.

It was easy to tell from the beginning which guys were players, so some of the degrading sh*t said on their casting tapes wasn’t surprising. As for Shane’s tape, it was a bit of a turn off talking about not having the ability to say no. Like who says that... how do you even start a relationship, especially a long distance one, with a grown man who can't say no? Joey's casting tape made him sound immature using the word poop, but I liked it because I’d probably use the word poop too lol. Jamin was a character in his casting tape which was far from how he really was in the house.

It always feels good to win the HBIC challenge. There is no better feeling then knowing you are in full control.

Taylor advised me to go on a date with Joey because I hadn’t spent a lot of time with him, and he had a lot of influence on the other guys. I should have taken Taylor though and set Amy up with Joey since he already had his mind made up.

I was happy I was HBIC at that moment (when I got the HBIC power in the Style Suite) and none of the other girls had the chance to send two guys home.

I took Danny as my second date because Danny and I fizzled out after our first date and I needed to see where his head was at.

When I found out Danny might have a girl back home, I thought, “oh.” Then after watching him closely and thinking about his casting tape, I knew I could never date someone who talked like a brain dead surfer bro, dude, forrrrr sure.

When I saw Shane and Amy getting close at the club, I knew they were "dancing" and he was playing the "game" but I had no idea he had kissed her I believed his bullsh*t lies. It’s one thing to play the game, it is another to play me.

The fighting that night was over the top and dramatic but I enjoy drama so it was entertaining for me lol.

Any girl who has two guys literally fighting over her should be flattered to say the least. It was ratchet when Camilla hit Taylor though.

All 5 of these guys (Jamin, Josh, Brandon, Danny, and Casey) were for sure not here for me. However, if people ratted on Shane like they did on Danny, I would have put Shane up for elimination.

I was in an abusive relationship for what felt like forever so I do not have the patience or the tolerance to have a man, especially one I barely know, disrespect me in any way, the way Danny did during elimination.

I was ecstatic when Danny was eliminated. Bye bye b*tch.

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