Love Games 401 Recap: Let The Badness Begin

Valentine’s Day is months away, but love is in the airwaves! That’s right, it’s time for another season of Love Games, because as we know Bad Girls Need Love Too. Woohoo!

This season stars three chicks from Bad Girls Club Las Vegas: blonde Amy, bad a*s Camilla (remember, it’s pronounced CaMEELa!), and half of a twinset, Dani. An eclectic mix, for sure, but a fun one... as long as Amy and Camilla don’t get in the shower together. We all know what will happen then!

But first we meet all the guys who arrive at the beautiful house in Hollywood. There’s Shane, a chef from Florida. Stop now. I need a man who can cook! Oh wait, I’m not on the show. Let’s move on!

Eleven other guys join him. There’s Brandon, whose “artist” name is Brannue. I’d kick him out on that alone. Jamin, a professional wrestler. Devin, an ex-NFL player. Casey who also goes by Casey Cartel aka “Liaison.” Right, because that makes sense. We meet Tyrone, who likes them intellectual. Wrong show buddy!

After the introductions of some of the finest men known to reality television, it is time to bring out the girls who will be competing against each other and for the guys’ affection. Camilla arrives first and instantly requests that the dudes remove their shirts. Hey, can’t blame her. She needs to know if she’s working with damaged goods. Amy is next. Javier, Mr. South Beach and aspiring smooth operator, immediately takes a liking to her because blondes are his thing. And last but not least Dani shows up. She bonds with Shane because she likes his long hair and immediately warns him to stay away from Amy.

As the potential paramours mingle, the hostess with the mostest makes her entrance. That’s right, Tanisha Thomas! And she introduces two more men who will be fighting for love, Season 3 alum Joey and Season 2 alum Taylor. Joey still has crazy hair. What a surprise! New contestant Andre observes that Taylor is not wearing tailored clothes. Yup, we are dealing with the brain trust here.


Now it is time to explore inside the house. Camilla, Amy, and Dani will be sharing one room. That will certainly make any hookups less awkward. Not. Javier takes Amy aside and kisses her while they gaze at the beautiful view from the house that they would never be able to afford on their own. Dani flirts with Taylor who fakes a British accent. How European and cultured! Not to be outdone, Amy flirts with Tyrone, who plants a quick smooch on her.

Tanisha calls order in the house and announces that it is time for the first HBIC challenge which means Head Bad Girl in Charge in Bad Girls-speak. This first challenge is a variation on the Newlywed Game—each guy has to choose which of their body parts ABOVE the waist (sorry, pervs!) is their best feature: face, biceps, abs, or chest. Then the girls have to guess which body part the guys chose by kissing it. If they match up, they get a point. Got it?

Dani, Camilla, and Amy are all in seventh heaven as the men lift up their shirts to showcase their goods. I gotta admit, casting did a great job with these hot bodies! Sure, there are a couple of bigger bellies among the boys, but hey, those ones can choose their faces! In the end Camilla beats out the other girls. As the HBIC, she gets to choose dates for herself and the other girls. She selects Devin for herself, Travis for Amy, and Casey for Dani.


Tanisha announces that the girls each get to pick a second date AND that the HBIC gets a special perk: she gets to go into the Style Suite where she will be made up head to toe in addition to receiving a special gift AND an envelope containing, get this, a special power!!! I’m jealous!

The girls vet out their choices. In the end Amy picks Jamin, Dani picks Danny (how cute!) and Camilla picks Joey as he might have some special insight into the game.

At last it is time for the date, which is on a boat. Camilla is so impressed that she remarks that it’s like the Titanic. Well, I don’t know if that’s a good thing honey. We all know what happened there! At any rate, after spending a little time with her dates, Camilla steals Danny away from Dani, which thrills him because he thinks she’s the hottest girl in the house. They smooch and he returns to Dani, who is furious that he kissed another girl on THEIR date. Oh snap!


The next day it is elimination time. As the HBIC, Camilla selects three guys for elimination, though the remaining two girls ultimately decide who goes home. Camilla chooses Javier since he is Team Amy, Danny because he is gravitating towards Dani, and Tyrone because he also likes Amy. The men all plead their cases. Dani saves Danny first, and Amy agrees. Javier is upfront about liking Amy and basically calls Dani a drunk. Oh no he didn’t! This infuriates Dani because how dare he be so disrespectful. They get in a screaming match and Amy runs from the stage. Tanisha follows her and tells her to fight for her man. She returns to her seat and ultimately agrees to send Javier home. Tyrone makes it another day!

Next Tanisha tells Camilla to open up that envelope she received in the Style Suite to reveal her super power. Turns out as HBIC she can eliminate a SECOND guy! Will she do it???


D’oh! We won’t find out till next week!

Till then—

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