Love Games 407 Recap: For Love Games or Money

There are seven dwarves, Seven Wonders of the World, seven deadly sins, and now, of course, the seven men left in the Love Games house. Woohoo!

The lucky seven get an envelope for their next HBIC challenge, where it is announced that they will be going on a shopping spree. The girls are excited, the men slightly less so. They meet up with Tanisha at a boutique where she announces that the ladies have thirty minutes to show the men what they like in the store. Hmmmmmm, I wonder what this could mean.

Once the time is up, Tanisha explains the challenge: it’s an auction! Ten items showcased in the store will be available for purchase. The men will place bids with their own money. At the end of the auction, the men will then give the items to the girl of their choice. The lady whose gifts drew the most money in the auction becomes the HBIC. Got it? Good!

The men all boast how it takes a special lady to make them open their wallet and I just laugh and laugh and laugh because you know the only special gift they could ever afford is McDonald’s Happy Meal with a cool collectible toy. But let’s go on.

After the conclusion of the auction, the men distribute their gifts. Dani receives the spa set and sequined dress from Shane, perfume from Andre, a necklace and earrings set and the boots from Casey. Camilla gets sunglasses from Joey, a handbag and romper from Tyrone, and the bedazzled watch from Brandon (lucky b*tch!). Amy receives one gift: a blue wallet from Joey. Nope, there is no money in it. In the end Dani’s gifts are worth the most money and she is crowned HBIC. Camilla blames Joey for her loss, if he had given HER the wallet she would have won. Instead he decided to be nice and give Amy a gift. Dork (slash it was kinda sweet)! Dani chooses dates: Andre for herself, Casey for Amy, and Brandon for Cami.

Back at the house, Joey and Amy bond while Camilla yells at him for screwing her in the challenge. Meanwhile, Dani goes to the Style Suite where naturally she picks out a *lovely* dress and receives an envelope with a special power that she can’t open until elimination time.

The girls pick their second dates: Amy asks Joey, Camilla invites Shane, and Dani brings Taylor even though she’s already decided she’s going to put him up for elimination. Okay then. They go to a gorgeous winery which Dani, always classy, says looks like something she saw in a Keanu Reeves movie once. Right.

The groups break up into mini dates. Camilla, Shane, and Brandon are getting along though Brandon thinks that she should have invited Tyrone since he spent so much dough on her at the auction. As the date progresses, Camilla goes off alone with Shane and kisses him. Uh oh! What will Dani do???

Well, we find out just moments later because he goes over to talk to her and she notices lipstick on his shirt. What the hell was Cami kissing? Scared, Shane says it’s an old shirt and an old stain and for Dani not to worry. Saved, for now. He leaves before he gets any deeper and Dani cries and Andre comforts her.

Back at the house, Dani decides who she wants to put for elimination. She chooses Taylor, Brandon, and Tyrone. Not Tyrone! He is my favorite.

At elimination, the men plead their cases. And then Tanisha tells Dani to open her envelope. Turns out she has absolute power and she gets to choose who goes home. Plus after this week there will be no more HBIC powers at all. That’s crazy talk!

Dani saves Taylor first but warns him that he needs to buy her expensive black rompers whenever she wants. And now it’s down to two: Tyrone and Brandon. Brandon, who had been playing aloof during the game, had only recently full out aligned himself with Camilla, but he was turned off by her greed at the auction so he had been faltering. But not Tyrone! Ultimately, Dani decides to save Tyrone and boot Brandon’s a*s out just as Camilla had sacrificed Devin to save Shane a few weeks ago. What a martyr!

So now there are six guys and three girls and everyone’s still shifting alliances. Joey is committing himself to Team Amy, but who knows how long that will last. And next week one of the GIRLS will be going home!

So what do you think will happen???

Till next time—

Liz Out Loud

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