Yes We Camilla (LG, Ep. 402)

By Camilla LG4

I didn't want to eliminate the guys at the end even when I got my special power, because I felt I had the power to get them on my team.

Truth or Dare was fun. It was funny that Devin didn't want Jamin to kiss me because he was so serious. Of course Devin not wanting Jamin to kiss me showed me that he was interested and a little jealous.

I thought that Mo had an amazing body and he was a cool guy, but very cocky and sometimes that can come off the wrong way. When he walked in naked I was like "Hey Now"! I always love eye candy. But I do think Mo is only here for himself.

Speed dating is something new to me, so I thought it would be a really fun experience and a chance to get to know these guys better. I love Judi! Matthew was cute as well but way too short for a guy I’d be interested in. I didn’t really trust their judgment but, let the games begin!

Some of my speed dates were boring and some were great! I think I had the most chemistry with Devin just because he seems the most genuine. I was so disgusted and mad at Devin for kissing Amy. She puts her tongue in everyone’s mouth. I was not too happy with that decision he made but then again, Amy was all over him, so it wasn’t really his fault. Typical.

In the end, Judi and Matthew did alright judging our challenge. I could say they made a mistake but I also didn't watch the chemistry behind the scenes like they did. Of course I felt cheated though, because these guys personally told me they didn't like Dani or Amy. I didn't like the fact that Dani won HBIC but hey you win some and you lose some.

To be honest, my strategy at this point is to make every guy feel equal. I'm showing love to everybody so I can get a feel for who's here for me and who is not.

I told Mo that Taylor was talking sh*t because he was. I'm all about saying it face to face. Taylor and Shane's fight was dumb and immature. I don't know the exact story but from what I saw, it wasn't worth it.

I wanted Mo to be my second date because I knew he would be willing to do freaky things on the date with the sex therapist.

I loved the erotic date. I don't think she taught me anything I didn't know beforehand though! The best part is when Mo and Andre were sucking my toes at the same damn time.

I decided to save Casey because I have room to grow on him. Once I started analyzing the situation I felt that Mo was being disloyal talking about us to his boys back home. So I thought that maybe he needed to go home to be with girls who were more his type. I saved Devin because Mo was being a d*ck and he had to go.

I had Andre and Tyrone sleep over because there was too much tension in the house and I wanted to laugh and have fun. They are funny and are always looking to have a good time. I didn't know where Amy was, and I didn’t really care because I had a feeling she was with one of Dani’s guys.

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