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How Brendan Dassey's Mom Reacted To The Allegation That Her Other Son Killed Teresa Halbach

Barb Tadych seemingly threatens to kill herself after his lawyer came up with the idea that her son Bobby Dassey and her husband Scott killed Teresa Halbach in 2005.

By Gina Tron
The Teresa Halbach Murder Case, Explained

Part 2 of “Making a Murderer” ended with an explosive allegation from Steven Avery’s post-conviction lawyer Kathleen Zellner: she believes that it was Brendan Dassey’s brother Bobby and his stepfather Scott Tadych who could have killed photographer Teresa Halbach — and that they assaulted her after she left the Avery property.

The first season of the Netflix docu-series was released in 2015, and it raised many questions about the convictions of Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey, who were both sentenced to life in prison in 2007 for the death of Halbach in 2005. Bobby Dassey (pictured above) was a star witness for the prosecution in the trial of Avery.

“Bobby Dassey was lying,” Zellner said in Part 2 of the series, adding that she has an affidavit from another Dassey brother, Bryan Dassey, which claims Bobby told him that he saw Halbach leave the property. That contradicts Bobby's original testimony. Zellner said there is also evidence which shows Bobby downloaded violent porn.

“Torture, bondage, pedophilia, nightmare stuff,” she said. “Fascination with death. … decapitated girls, things like that. I mean, this is astounding.”

So, how did Brendan Dassey’s mother Barb Tadych react to claims that another one of her sons, and her husband, is being accused by Avery’s lawyer of being behind the killing that put one of her sons behind bars?

Not well.

In a phone call between Avery and Barb Tadych shown in Episode 10, "Trust No One," she asks him, “What the f____ is going on? … Why is she starting up with Scott and Bobby again?”

Avery replies, “Well, it’s going wherever the evidence is going.”

“So she’s going to take down my f----ing family again?”

Then, violent threats are made.

“It f---ing better not because you’ll have a dead sister.”

By dead sister, she means herself, adding that she can't take it anymore.

Barb Tadych claimed her husband Scott was with her for a good part of the day and that the rest of the day he was visiting his mother in a hospital, thus claiming that he couldn’t have killed Halbach. She also claimed that she didn’t have internet at the home at the time of Halbach’s murder.

“Yes do did,” Avery says.

“No, I didn’t!”

Barb Tadych also admits that she thinks Halbach left the property, which contradicts her son Bobby’s testimony.

Then Scott Tadych can be heard on the line. He denies having anything to do with the photographer’s death.

“F___ Steven Avery. He is a piece of s___. He’s been all his f___ing life. … I wasn’t even on that f___ing property that day, you goddamn idiot.”

He then threatened to kick Avery’s ass.

Zellner's motion to grant Avery a new trial based on Bobby's computer searches and other possible evidence was denied in September.

But Zellner is far from giving up, according to her tweets.

"Steven Avery is at the BEGINNING not end of the appeal process. Our appellate brief is due 12/20. We have multiple opportunities to overturn this wrongful conviction," she recently tweeted.

[Photo: Associated Press]