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'It Didn’t Sink In Until It Was Actually Happening,' Gypsy Rose Spills Disturbing Details Of Mom's Murder

Gypsy Rose Blanchard spoke to Dr. Phil about the infamous murder.

By Gina Tron

Gypsy Rose Blanchard offered her naked body as a sacrifice to her boyfriend’s alter ego as an attempt to protect her mom from being defiled, she claimed in a recently released interview.

“He knocks at her door and she presents herself like a virgin sacrifice to the 500-year-old vampire,” Dr. Phil McGraw said, describing the 2015 murder on episode four of new true crime podcast "Analysis of Murder."

Some background: Gypsy Rose’s story has become an infamous one, the subject of several TV shows and documentaries. Her mother, Clauddine “Dee Dee” Blanchard, pretended Gypsy had everything from leukemia to muscular dystrophy to developmental issues, forcing Gypsy to endure multiple surgeries and consume unneeded medications in a suspected case of Munchausen by proxy. Gypsy Rose, now 27, says her mother even lied to her about her age: She thought she was just 15 years old when she learned she was actually 19.

The abuse went on until Gypsy Rose helped plot her mother’s murder; she asked her online boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn, to help her, which he did by stabbing Dee Dee 17 times with a knife. He was sentenced in February 2019 to life in prison after being convicted of first-degree murder. Gypsy Rose, meanwhile, was sentenced in 2016 to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to second-degree murder for her role in the attack.

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Now, more details about the case have been revealed. Dr. Phil sat down with Gypsy Rose in 2017 inside the women’s prison in Missouri where she is serving her sentence. Unaired excerpts of that interview are now being released in his new podcast.

Part 4 features Gypsy explaining to Dr. Phil how she asked her boyfriend to kill her mom and diving deep into the details of that murder. Although, yes, Gypsy confirms she technically asked Godejohn to kill her mom, she says she was actually asking his alter-ego, Victor, whom Godejohn allegedly said was a 500-year-old vampire.

Both Gypsy and Godejohn reportedly made up alter egos for different sides of their personalities. Victor was Godejohn’s evil side, while Ruby was Gypsy’s.

“I said, Victor, will you please come kill my mother for me because I can’t do it myself,’” Gypsy claimed she asked Godejohn over a message sent via computer. The request came after a fight Gypsy had with her mother over her feeding tube. During Godejohn’s trial, Gypsy testified that she asked Godejohn to kill her mom because she felt she was too squeamish to do it herself.

While Godejohn agreed, Gypsy claimed that Godejohn, or rather Victor, “said that he had conditions” which Gypsy said they discussed before the murder in her interview with Dr. Phil.  

One condition, according to Gypsy, was that he had to kill her with a knife. “The other condition was that he would have to rape her after he murdered her,” Gypsy told Dr. Phil. “And I told him absolutely not,” Gypsy insisted to Dr. Phil. “I am not OK with that and he said, ‘It’s either Victor’s way or the highway.’”

Gypsy then said they came to a deal.

“I said rape me because I won’t let you do it to her.”

After allegedly agreeing to such morbid terms, Godejohn got on a Greyhound bus paid for by Gypsy  and traveled from Wisconsin to Missouri to kill Dee Dee.

Godejohn, however, has expressed disgust of the idea of having sex with a dead person.

“It’s quite disturbing,” he told an investigator, Angela Maholy a detective with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, back in 2015 in footage shown in the HBO Documentary “Mommy Dead and Dearest.”

He told the investigator interviewing him, “I don’t like necrophilia.”

However, he did admit that “at one point I was thinking about it” when pressed if he ever wanted to rape Dee Dee before killing her.

Gypsy told Dr. Phil that the murder plans didn’t feel real.

“To be honest, I didn’t even think it was real because we had been talking about it for so long that I became numb to the idea like, oh OK, we’re just having another conversation about it.”

She added, “I just went through the motions. It didn’t sink in until it was actually happening.”

Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Nicholas Godejohn

In a conversation over text she had with Godejohn right before the murder, Gypsy told Godejohn that Ruby, her evil side, was keeping her numb.

“She keeps me numb in order to cope and survive,” she wrote to him, according to the podcast.

Gypsy recalled to Dr. Phil how she let her boyfriend into the home she shared with her mother, leaving plastic gloves for him by the door.

“He came in and he was wearing a hoodie and dark clothing and a scary tee shirt that had evil clowns on it and I handed him the knife and he said, ‘Get your ass in the bathroom now,’ and I went in the bathroom and closed the door behind me and kind of got down in kneeling position and put my hands over my ears so I couldn’t hear anything, but I did hear stuff.”

Gypsy said she heard her mother scream a few times. At first the screams were that of someone being startled but then they got more desperate.

“And I wanted to go and help her but he [Godejohn] told me prior, ‘If you come in the bathroom, Victor might hurt you too.’”

She added she was scared of Godejohn hurting her but she was also scared of what she might see.

Gypsy explained she heard her mom cry out for her by name three to four times before everything went quiet. Dr Phil then asked if Gypsy thinks her mom knew that Gypsy was involved by the nature of her screams for her.

“No, I don’t think she knew,” Gypsy responded. “I think that maybe she thought it was a random break-in.”

As her boyfriend stabbed her mom 17 times, did Gypsy have second thoughts?

“It broke my heart because I knew there was no going back even if I wanted to,” Gypsy said about those agonizing moments. “A part of me wanted to save her because there were good parts to her and she was my mother and then the other part of me was like, it’s gonna be over in a little while and I’ll be able to live this good life where I’m free of her.”

After Godejohn finished stabbing Dee Dee, he knocked at the bathroom door with a code so she’d know it was him, according to Gypsy. He knocked three times and scratched the door twice.

Before she could let him in, though, she claimed she had to take off her nightgown and make sure all her body hair was removed, per Victor’s orders.

“But when he gets you from the Bathroom, I suggest you are naked when he sees you after the Deed,” Godejohn texted her in their pre-murder plans, according to one of the texts revealed at his murder trial.

Gypsy told Dr. Phil said she presented herself to him naked, only wearing the wig she used to cover the head her mom made her shave so that it looked like she had cancer.

When Gypsy let Godejohn into the bathroom, he had the knife in his hand and his finger was bleeding, according to Gypsy’s recollection.

“He said, ‘She tried to fight me off but I was too strong for her.’”

Then, Gypsy recalled, Godejohn ordered her to “clean up my finger.”

She grabbed some bandages from the closet and said she cleaned up his finger, just as he ordered her to. Then, she said he commanded her to clean up blood spots on the carpet that led from her bedroom to the kitchen where he walked to get a paper towel to cover up his bleeding finger.

“After I finished cleaning up the blood spots, he took me to my bedroom and he commanded me to take off all my stuffed animals off the bed and I did and then he proceeded to pull down his underwear and throw me on the bed and rape me,” she said.

But according to Godejohn, the sex was "pretty much kind of consensual,” as he told the investigator when asked how he would classify that specific sex act. He admitted to biting her during sex a couple times but said Gypsy had told him it was a turn on for her.

Dr. Phil asked if this “event” was brutal.

“Yes, sir,” she responded. “At one point I screamed more than I think my mother screamed.”

Gypsy added her mom was across from her room, close by, during the alleged encounter.

“I don’t know if she was still alive when I was being raped or not,” Gypsy said.

A Facebook post Gypsy would later write stated, "I f___en SLASHED THAT FAT PIG AND RAPED HER SWEET DAUGHTER ... HER SCREAM WAS SO F____EN LOUD LOL,” according to court records obtained by Oxygen.com.

During Godejohn's trial, Gypsy testified that Godejohn did not rape her but she contended that the sex started off consentual before Godejohn allegedly began ignoring her pleas to stop.

After the night of the murder, Gypsy and Godejohn did engage in sex at the hotel room, which they both agree was consensual. They videotaped the aftermath of at least one of their romps, one day after the murder, and the footage reveals a giggling Gypsy pointing the camera at a naked Godejohn eating a brownie in bed.

“He is eating a brownie,” Gypsy said. “But later he will be eating me.”

Godejohn was never charged with any form of sexual assault.