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16 Holiday Gift Ideas For the True Crime Obsessive In Your Life

From murder-themed card games to blood-splattered wine glasses, this holiday gift guide has it all.

By Becca van Sambeck

Maybe they listen religiously to their favorite murder podcast on their commute to work. Maybe they ditch your weekend brunch plans in order to binge "Law and Order." Maybe they've hinted that they're close to cracking a cold case thanks to all the time they've spent playing detective on Reddit. Maybe you've even caught them casually quoting the Zodiac Killer in normal conversation.

If that describes your friend (or you!), you've got a true crime aficionado on your hands, and trust us, there's only one kind of gift they're hoping for this holiday season.

If you're struggling to find the perfect gift for your true crime-obsessed friend, we've got the list for you, ranging from cheeky shot glasses to actual sleuthing tools to dust from Lizzie Borden's house (yes, you really can buy ANYTHING these days on the internet). These gifts will have you or your loved one shrieking in joy — not terror.

Olympus 8x21 DPC I Roamer Binoculars, $54.96

Maybe your friend isn't really the passive type. In that case, get 'em a pair of handy, high-quality binoculars so they can get their "Rear Window" on as they spy on that sketchy neighbor who's always taking the trash out in the dead of night.


Look, this is a hilarious gift just off the name alone. These shot glasses, sold by Las Vegas' Mob Museum, feature the mug shots (GET IT??) of some of the most famous gangsters of all time.

Lizzie Borden Brick Dust, $10.00

You, too, can touch something alleged axe murderess Lizzie Borden touched — even though it is just a vial of brick dust from her house. On the plus side, judging by the rumors about the home, it might be haunted!

19 Crimes Hard Chard, $13.00

What pairs better with a glass of wine than reading a story about a criminal you've never heard of before? These wine bottles all come featuring the photo and tale of a different convict sent to Australia as punishment centuries ago. The wines are meant to celebrate these first colonists, who were shipped off to an unknown land for crimes ranging from assault to stealing a shroud from a grave to impersonating an Egyptian (laws have, uh, relaxed since then). 

CrimeTech, Inc. Latent Fingerprint Collection Kit, $19.75

We know that fingerprints are all over the place, in theory. But just what evidence is hiding on our own belongings? They can see for themselves whose paws have been all over their things with this handy fingerprint kit.

Zodiac Killer Cryptogram Reproduction, $17.19

Looking for some unique wall art that screams, "I have twisted hobbies?" This reproduction of one of the Zodiac Killer's codes will look great framed on their bedroom wall, and is sure to have friends backing slowly out of the room, suddenly totally ready to respect their space.

Bloody Bath Mat, $14.99

It's always so annoying when you see that you've tracked wet footprints all over your house post-shower. It's way more fun, however, when this color-changing bath mat means you track blood-colored footprints all over the house instead. Perfect for pranks (or for people who just have... interesting decorating choices). Rest assured: It dries normally and doesn't leave a stain.

 A Year Of True Crime 2019 Calendar

You could get them a "Fact Of The Day" calendar so they could learn a useless piece of trivia, or a "Cat of the Day" calendar so a fuzzy creature can brighten up each work day. OR, you could get this calendar, and have them learn about a new brutal, horrific crime each day to truly start the day off right.

Notorious Serial Killers Card Game, $12.90

Perfect for parties! This serial killer-themed card game will leave the friend group wondering whether they've secretly invited everyone over just to murder them. Luckily, they'll have fun playing the game while waiting in nervous anticipation!

Murder Mystery Party Games - A Taste for Wine and Murder, $22.66

Don't let them just watch a crime show or listen to a crime podcast — turn their home into an actual murder scene. No, don't go all "Gone Girl" — instead this kit will let them throw a murder mystery at their home that will have the guests play-acting unique characters and solving a crime.

Serial Killer Mug, $11.90

Allow them to show off both their lovely sense of humor and their biggest interest with this ahem, unique coffee mug.

Crime Scene Cookie Cutter, $2.35

You could make gingerbread cookies this holiday season. Or you could make crime scene man cookies instead.

True Crime and Wine Glass, $9.60

Settle into a "Snapped" binge-watching session with an adorable glass of wine that knows exactly what time is.

Zodiac Killer Tote Bag, $18.50

This snazzy bag is the perfect tote for when they need to lug around all the latest murder novels and true crime exposes.

  Oxygen Crime Scene Sherpa Throw Blanket, $49.95


And of course, if you're looking for true crime-themed gifts, may we recommend the Oxygen gift shop (You get 15 percent off if you sign up for our newsletter!)? Just check out this super cozy blanket, perfect a cozy Sunday when they just need to be alone with their murder shows.


 Martinis & Murder Logo Flask, $34.95

Let them show their love for the finest true crime podcast of all time with this flask. They can carry around the liquor of their choice in the most stylish way possible!

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