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Yes, Ted Bundy Was A Father. How Many Children Did He Have?

Serial killer Ted Bundy murdered at least 30 women before he was executed in 1989. He didn't become a father until after he was captured, however.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Ted Bundy, a family man? Not quite.

With at least 30 confirmed killings to his name, if not dozens more, Bundy is one of the most prolific and well-known serial killers in American history. Because so many described him as “good-looking” and generally charming, he quickly captured the attention and imagination of many true crime aficionados (and groupies), who seemed endlessly fascinated by the sharp juxtaposition of Bundy’s supposed pleasant disposition and the gruesome rapes, murders, and acts of necrophilia he regularly committed before his capture in 1978. But strangely enough, the man responsible for the horrendous deaths of dozens of women was also a father, and he became one well after his alleged crimes were publicly known.

Before his execution in 1989, Bundy, while incarcerated, fathered a child with his then-wife, Carole Ann Boone, the former co-worker to whom he famously proposed during a court hearing in 1980, Oxygen.com reports. Boone gave birth to a daughter, Rose Bundy (sometimes called Rosa), two years later in 1982, but little else is known about Boone or the child she apparently conceived with Bundy during a prison visit.

Boone is alleged to have divorced Bundy at an unknown point before he was executed by electric chair in 1989, according to the book “The Stranger Beside Me: The True Crime Story of Ted Bundy.”

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Bundy has remained a household name to true crime fans over the years, but despite his steadfast popularity and the public’s never-ending curiosity in regards to his private life, his former wife has kept herself and her daughter out of the public eye. Rose Bundy would be around 37 years old today, but aside from her presumed age, the details regarding her life remain a mystery.

Crime writer Ann Rule, who authored “The Stranger Beside Me,” had a friendship with Bundy before his death, having met him when they both volunteered for a suicide hotline in 1971. She remained friends with Bundy even as his secret double life was slowly uncovered, and she later maintained at least somewhat of a connection to Boone and Rose; she wrote in the aforementioned autobiographical book that, even though she did not know much about the mother and daughter, she’d heard that Rose was a “kind and intelligent young woman.”

Privacy was something Boone seemed to value from the start. When the media learned that she was pregnant and questioned her about it, she told reporters that it was “nobody’s business,” according to a September 1981 edition of The Deseret News.

“I don’t have to explain anything about anyone to anybody,” she said.

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