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Martinis & Murder Cocktail Recipe: Mint Julep

Pair this classic bourbon cocktail with episode #73 “(Almost) Murder For Hire” and the Kentucky Derby.

There’s been so much going on for the Martinis & Murder team lately. Authorities arrested a suspect in the Golden State Killer case — and it isn’t Matt! We are tearing up Crimecon in Nashville. And given all that we’re still pretty amped for the Kentucky Derby, the most exciting two minutes in sports.

Luckily, this refreshing julep cocktail, the traditional tipple for the Kentucky Derby, is providing us a nice, cool respite. Just like Matt has apparently been taking a respite from math, not sure if tsp. means teaspoon or tablespoon, so hedged this week, coining the term “tershspern.”

Luckily we’ve got the actual recipe for you to make at home, real measurements and all.

2 to 3 ounces Four Roses Bourbon
2 teaspoons sugar or simple syrup
12 mint leaves
Club soda
More mint for garnish

Gently crush mint leaves in a cool tall glass. (Lightly muddle the mint and sugar with a splash of soda water in a mixing glass.) Fill the glass with cracked ice. Add Four Roses, club soda and stir well. Garnish with a few sprigs of mint, and serve.

Drink it while listening to this week's episode about Dalia Dippolito, who would do just about anything to get rid of her husband and inherit his fortune ... and wasn't very smart about it.

And also catch up with our special episode about the Golden State Killer arrest:

[Video: Emily Spada]


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