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Crime News

'Martinis & Murder' Introduce New Mini Episodes Series, 'Another Shot'

The mini epiosdes will be released in between full episodes and feature more personal stories, additional fan mail and small talk.

Fresh off the excitement from the arrest of the Golden State Killer last week, co-hosts John Thrasher and Daryn Carp launched the first ever mini epiosde on Martinis & Murder, aptly titled "Another Shot." 

The mini episodes are meant to keep fans listening during the week between full epiosdes. "We really wanted to do more episodes of some sort but we didn't have the time for multiple murders in one week," John Thrasher says. "Matt can barely handle doing his job on the podcast for one episode. Imagine we ask him to do another. It would be a mess!" Daryn Carp also agreed. "John and I love our fans, and we keep wanting to do more for them," Daryn says. "Another Shot is our chance to answer the fans directly, have fun and take shots! Plus, Matt was hoping this would be his chance to get to talk more. We quickly put a stop to that."

Martinis & Murder has been keeping busy lately. The hosts will travel to Crime Con in Nashville, Tennessee this weekend. They also recently launched an official Twitter account @Martinis_Murder, and launched a Facebook group just for fans.

Another Shot #1 features John and Daryn breaking down exactly what happened on the previous full episode, where Matt seemed to have hilariously mispronounced the word "teaspon." 

Check out the full episode below and be sure to subscribe to Martinis & Murder for new episodes every week.