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Sonja Morgan Says 'Real Housewives' Costar Ramona Singer Reminds Her Of 'Crazy Eyes' From 'Orange Is The New Black'

The reality star dishes on why she loves prison shows like "Wentworth" and "Oz" — and how they help her navigate "The Real Housewives Of New York City."

By Gina Tron

Fans of the “Real Housewives of New York City” know that Sonja Morgan loves prison shows.

She dropped repeated mentions this season, including in one episode, while talking about her costar Ramona Singer, Morgan says, “Even prison bitches have their one person they’re loyal to.”

So we here at Oxygen.com had to get on the phone with Morgan to dish about what draws her to the true crime genre.

And dish she did. She told us that Singer reminds her of "Crazy Eyes" in the prison show "Orange is the New Black."

She claimed her co-star flip-flops, just like the character in the prison series.

“You can’t not hate her because you're laughing at the same time because she’s a crazy bitch,” Morgan said of Singer. “I guess that's why I love her. You’re in this clique of friends or you’re in this jail and you aren’t going anywhere and neither is she.”

Morgan said she feels that Singer would do well in jail.

“I know in ‘Orange is the New Black,’ if you act crazy like Ramona and you say sh-t to people and then you say, ‘Oh, love you, where’s the banana bread?’ You get away with it,” she said. “People [in jail] would feel sorry for her like I have for the last 30 years, and do still.”

Morgan said she has learned a lot about ‘mean girl’ behavior by watching prison shows.

“How even a prison bitch has one loyal friend,” she said. “You gotta have somebody’s back. These are life preservation skills.”

She said one cannot enter a group of friends without respecting experience and wisdom first.

“Look at the prison system,” she explained. “You come in there raw; you don’t know sh-t. [...] You gotta keep your head down and respect. Experience and wisdom. You can’t just fly in there like you’re the Queen Bee with the ‘I am the red carpet’ attitude.”

Morgan said she loves the Australian prison show "Wentworth," which doesn’t sound drastically different than "Orange is the New Black." It’s a fictional drama about a woman charged with the attempted murder of her husband. She goes to jail and learns about the social hierarchies through trial and error.

“Those Australian bitches, they don’t play games,” Morgan gushed. “They are very loyal. They will kill you over a side glance.”

In one episode of the show, a character is attacked and thrown into a washing machine. This is why Morgan became enthralled with a giant washing machine at a factory where her co-star Bethenny Frankel’s “Skinny Girl” Jeans’ are made during in a recent episode of “Real Housewives.”

“This is like in a prison,” she exclaimed, pointing to one of the washers. “They kill people in those. That’s how you can get rid of people. Throw them in there. Turn it on. Gone.”

Morgan said she adored the show "Oz," which she called the “Godfather of all prison shows.” "Oz," which was on from 1997 to 2003, was a drama series that chronicled prison management’s attempts to keep their inmates under control.

“Naked men running around all the time — it’s what it’s all about,” Morgan recalled about the show.

[Photo: Getty Images]