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'Mastermind Of Murder' Season 2 Is Coming To Oxygen True Crime — Here's What To Know

In the second season of "Mastermind Of Murder," investigators need to uncover who was the pawn in a murder and who was the one who actually set the plot in motion

By Oxygen Staff
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Season 2 of "Mastermind of Murder” is returning to Oxygen True Crime on Sunday, July 17 at 7/6c.

How to Watch

Catch up on Mastermind of Murder on Peacock or the Oxygen App.

In this must-watch hourlong episodic series, the crime is never simply solved after investigators uncover a killer. Instead, these murder mysteries provide two reveals: who pulled the trigger and who was the mastermind behind it all.

Every episode investigates a murder of an unsuspecting and beloved victim, with initial clues leading police to believe the person who committed the crime also devised the plot. However, when law enforcement furthers its investigation, everything’s not as it seems. The person who committed the brutal crime isn’t the one who carefully and deliberately orchestrated the hit, but is a pawn in someone else’s plotting. As the twisted layers of cases are unraveled, the master manipulators behind the crimes are brought to light.

Professions of love, bone-chilling threats and promises of riches are the tools used to persuade others to utterly devastate family and friends by taking their loved one’s life. Deception among family members, a never-ending fight for land and an obsession with power are just some of the factors fueling the rage that leads people to construct murderous plans. It’s easy to see the person who manipulates the perpetrator embodies as much evil as the one who commits crime.

Here's what to expect from the second season of "Mastermind Of Murder," premiering on Sunday, July 17 at 7/c on Oxygen True Crime:

Sunday, July 17 at 7PM ET/PT – “Notes Between Neighbors”

When a young father is found shot in his bed, detectives quickly identify a suspect. When this suspect is found murdered, however, investigators uncover a lurid conspiracy involving betrayal and manipulation centered around an unlikely couple.            

Sunday, July 24 at 7PM ET/PT  - “Chain of Demands”  

Police struggle to identify a mutilated torso found in the woods until the Navy comes forward with a missing sailor case. As the investigations join forces, a mastermind emerges who’s obsessed with murder, power and committing the perfect crime. 

Sunday, July 31 at 7PM ET/PT – “Neighborhood Nightmare”

The triple murder of a family tears apart a quiet town as investigators frantically search for a suspect on the run. Tracking down the gunman is only the beginning, though, as a conspiracy is revealed involving a mastermind and their unsuspecting prey.   

Sunday, August 7 at 7PM ET/PT – “House Rules” 

When a successful businessman is executed outside his office, detectives suspect he was targeted. The ensuing investigation uncovers multiple murder plots and a mastermind willing to manipulate anyone, no matter how close.

Sunday, August 14 at 7PM ET/PT – “Homicide on the Range”   

A family is stunned after their patriarch is gunned down on his 200-acre ranch. Detectives are met with dead ends until a second victim is murdered on the ranch a year later. Soon a suspect is revealed who will stop at nothing to control the land.  

Sunday, August 21 at 7PM ET/PT – “Stab in the Dark”

After a family man is found discarded alongside a rural road, police uncover the brutal murder took place in his home while his children slept. Chilling suspicions and rumors about the family become reality as a deadly betrayal is revealed.  

Sunday, August 28 at 7PM ET/PT – “Love Struck”

A father is bludgeoned to death and his wife is assaulted after an assailant breaks into their family home. As detectives sort through the evidence, an unlikely relationship emerges involving a suspect who has held a deadly obsession for years. 

Sunday, September 4 at 7PM ET/PT – “Dead Woman Walking” 

When a house fire in small town Mississippi claims the life of a beloved woman, local law enforcement suspects foul play. Investigators’ hunt for the arsonist leads them to a suspect close to home whose greed knows no bounds, even murder. 

Sunday, September 11 at 7PM ET/PT – “Family Values”   

After discovering a mother dead of an apparent suicide, police find evidence she was murdered. As detectives search for answers, they uncover a web of emotional manipulation that resulted in a deadly ultimatum and an unthinkable choice.  

Sunday, September 18 at 7PM ET/PT –“Under Covers”  

When a young mother-to-be is shot in her home, investigators struggle understand why. When her killer comes forward with a wild story of an assassination plot ripped from the pages of a spy novel, a stranger-than-fiction mastermind is revealed.     

“Mastermind of Murder” is produced by Glass Entertainment Group, with Nancy Glass, Jon Hirsch, Mark Downing and Eric Neuhaus serving as Executive Producers.