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Counselor Attempts To Enlist Patient In Her Plot To Have Ex-Husband Murdered

Cynthia Guy wanted her ex-husband dead, but her patient teamed with investigators to take her down.

By Aly Vander Hayden

When Terry Thomas met Cynthia Guy through an online dating site in 2004, he thought he had found the perfect match. As a divorced single father living in rural Casper, Wyoming, Thomas had faced romantic setbacks, but Guy seemed to have everything he wanted in a relationship. Their romance moved quickly, and the couple married seven months later.

Both Thomas and Guy had children from previous marriages, and at first, the new blended family gave them stability and happiness. Thomas worked as a successful businessman, and Guy went back to school to become a counselor. She eventually secured a position at the Central Wyoming Counseling Center, where she treated patients with addiction problems who had been court-mandated into the program. She gained an excellent reputation and was well-respected by her clients.

Everything seemed to be going well for the couple, but as they settled into their marriage, Thomas said he noticed a change in Guy, who starting behaving like “Jekyll and Hyde.” Thomas told “Murder for Hire,” which premieres Saturday, Oct. 5 at 6/5c on Oxygen, that Guy would “snap at the drop of a dime.”

“She would at times become very volatile for no apparent reason,” Thomas said in an interview with Oxygen.com. “But I found she hid it well from most people.”

Thomas eventually reached his breaking point and took a job in Cheyenne, Wyoming, which was about two and a half hours away from their home, in hopes that distance would diffuse the situation. According to Thomas, it just made their relationship worse.

By 2010, Thomas had moved to Cheyenne full-time, and two years later, he filed for divorce. During the proceedings, Thomas told “Murder of Hire” that Guy wanted “more and more” and that he believed “her ultimate goal at that point was to destroy [him] financially.”

Cynthia Guy speaks with an undercover agent posing as a hitman about her ex-husband's murder.

When it was all over, Thomas was awarded the majority of the couple’s real estate assets, while Guy received the majority of their retirement assets. Guy attempted to appeal the divorce decree, accusing Thomas of infidelity, but it was finalized by the Supreme Court of the State of Wyoming in 2014. Thomas was granted control and ownership of his home in Cheyenne as well as his Casper rental properties.

Thomas’s attorney warned him that the six months following a divorce is “the most dangerous time” for divorcees, and there is a heightened risk of spousal violence.

“I heard what he was saying, but I guess at that time I just kind of brushed it off. Shame on me,” Thomas told Oxygen.com.

On paper, the marriage was over, but to Guy, it was far from settled. The afternoon of May 14, 2014, Guy approached one of her patients at the Central Wyoming Counseling Center about killing her ex-husband. Guy asked the patient if she had connections to the “Mexican Mafia" and said she wanted the patient’s help finding someone to kill Thomas. If she refused, the patient said Guy threatened to send her back to prison.

Worried about what would happen to her case if she said no, the patient lied and said her cousin might be able to help. She immediately reported Guy to the managers of the Central Wyoming Counseling Center, who contacted the FBI and Casper Police Department Detective Sara Nelson. The patient met with law enforcement and agreed to become an undercover informant.

Detective Nelson had the patient wear a wire during her next counseling session with Guy. About a half hour into their meeting, Guy began going over the details of the potential hit and told her patient that making Thomas’ death look like a “suicide would be perfect.”

The patient confirmed that her “cousin Frankie” could “take care of” Thomas for $4,000. She called an undercover special agent, who was playing “Frankie,” and arranged for him to meet with Guy in Glendo, Wyoming, to confirm the murder.

An FBI agent and Casper police officer then visited Thomas to warn him about the contract killing.  When they arrived at Thomas’ house, he said his first instinct was that Guy had “accused [him] of doing something horrible,” and that they had come to question him.

“My question to them was, ‘What did that crazy b*tch accuse me of?’” said Thomas.

They informed Thomas of his ex-wife’s murder-for-hire plot and recommended taking him into protective custody until a potential arrest could be made.

Thomas told Oxygen.com that although Guy had exhibited some “disturbing tendencies from time to time,” he never “ever in [his] wildest dreams” thought her rage would escalate to a threat on his life. Thomas checked into a hotel shortly after the notification.

Two days later, Guy met the agent in a small parking lot and walked over to his vehicle, which had a hidden camera on the dashboard to capture the entire conversation. Once inside, Guy handed the agent an envelope with a $2,000 advance as well as photos of Thomas, photos of the outside and inside of his home and a map of how to enter the home.

“It appeared, and it made me feel like, she was handing me a model of how to kill her ex-husband. It was a perfect compiled kit,” the agent told “Murder for Hire.”

After counting the money, the agent asked how she wanted the job to go down.

“Well, my first choice is suicide, but I don’t know how you can do that,” said Guy.

The agent told Guy it would easier to stage a robbery, explaining that he could just “blast” Thomas in the process. Guy gave him the go-ahead, telling him to do “whatever’s gonna less alert the cops.”

“I’ve been planning this for six months, so I just had to find the right person to do it,” explained Guy.

Cynthia Guy speaking with undercover agent posing as hitman to discuss her ex-husband's murder plot.

To prove Thomas is dead, Guy told the agent to text her, “I’m at the gym.” They set the hit for “tonight or tomorrow.” The agent said he would text her a few days later saying, “Meet me at the gym,” which meant they would meet up at a casino to drop off the rest of the money.

Before Guy left the car, she told the agent, “I don’t know if I’m supposed to say good luck or … you get one shot, don’t f*ck it up. ‘Cause you f*ck it up, then I will go down.”

She laughed and continued, “He’s the only one going down!”

In the early hours of May 21, 2014, the agent texted Guy, “I went to the gym, and the workout was really easy.” Later that day, the Casper Police Department visited Guy to give her Thomas’ death notice, which she met with total shock. She then went to the station to confirm some information, and in the middle of her interview, they revealed Thomas was alive and that she was under arrest in connection with her ex-husband’s murder-for-hire plot. Guy claimed she had no idea about the plot and refused to answer any more questions.

On March 22, 2016, Guy was sentenced to 20 to 25 years in prison for solicitation to commit aggravated kidnapping. Guy was originally charged with solicitation of first-degree murder, but she later made a plea deal, reported the Casper Star Tribune. She will eligible for parole in 2028.

Following the investigation, Thomas was able to meet with Guy’s patient-turned-informant and thank her for her help during the case. Though he is a little less trusting of new people, Thomas is committed to enjoying his life and seeing more of the world. 

“It’s hard to put it behind you, but I’m not giving up on love. As the saying goes, ‘Living well is the best revenge.’ I’m going to live well,” Thomas told “Murder for Hire.”

This fall, Oxygen’s “Murder for Hire” is back for a new season. Don't miss the premiere on Saturday, Oct. 5, at 6 p.m. ET/PT.

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