My Shopping Addiction Update Interview: Roshanda Talks Dollar Stores & Debt

By Caitlin Pereiras

My Shopping Addiction’s Roshanda is a young radio DJ who had dug herself into debt by shopping at the 99 Cents Store up to three times a week. Borrowing from friends fueled her habit, but when her debt got out of control, they had to step in. With some help from Dr. Tolin, she was able to get the tools she needed to curb her addiction. But was she able to keep it up after the show and pay off her debts? Find out in this exclusive interview:

Oxygen: How frequently do you visit the 99 cents store now?
Roshanda: Probably once a month now.

Oxygen: Have you been able to pay back your friends the money you owed them?
Roshanda: I have to say I was able to pay them all back the money I owed them.

Oxygen: How is your friendship with Sharita, and how has it changed since being on My Shopping Addiction?
Roshanda: Our friendship is great now, especially since I was able to pay her back everything that I owed her. Now every time I borrow money from her (which isn’t too often), she knows I’ll pay her back soon. So she trusts me.

Oxygen: How is your relationship with your family?
Roshanda: I’m glad I was able to talk it over and fix things with them. I think money has a lot to do with people’s feelings towards you, and I was hurting our relationship by spending and owing so much. Now that I stick to my budget, I can sometimes even take them out and treat them to dinner.

Oxygen: How has your life changed since being helped by Dr. Tolin?
Roshanda: My Shopping Addiction was a big wake-up call. Now I don’t borrow money to go shopping, and my first priority is taking care of bills.

Oxygen: What’s one major lesson you’ve learned from being on My Shopping Addiction?
Roshanda: Don’t go shopping on impulse. Just because you’re down is not an excuse to go shopping. Now I go when I need a certain product. The big lesson I learned is not to borrow money when I go shopping. If I don’t have the money, I don’t go shopping.

Oxygen: What strategy has kept you from going back to your old shopping addicted ways?
Roshanda: I try to make a list if I know I’m going to the 99-cents store. I also won’t get a basket to carry items while I’m in the store. If I’m only shopping for one or two things, I don’t need a basket. Another strategy I use is that I’ll take ten dollars to the store and leave my whole wallet at home. I just take the money that I know I need.

Oxygen: What are you working on now? What are your current goals?
Roshanda: My current goal is to continue staying on track and focusing on my life and my career. I now have an online store ( where I sell bracelets and iPhone cases. I make the bracelets myself.

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