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Was Carol Bundy A Victim Or The Mastermind Behind The 'Sunset Strip Killers'?

She murdered and decapitated her lover when she told him her accomplice Doug Clark was killing sex workers.

By Gina Tron

Decades after the “Sunset Strip Killers” terrorized Los Angeles, it's still unclear who the mastermind was behind the serial killer couple’s horrific crimes. Was it Carol Bundy, who called the Los Angeles Police in August 1980 to report the murders she and her lover Doug Clark committed? Or, was she looking for protection from Doug? Oxygen’s "Mysteries & Scandals" gives insight into this infamous murderous couple on Friday, March 2 at 9/8c. 

When Carol called the police, she confessed to killing her lover John Murray after he found out what she and Doug had been up to. She lured John to a van to have sex with him. Then, she shot him and even decapitated him.

The Sunset Strip Killers, Explained

Carol told police she would tell them all about Doug’s crime if she was offered a reduced sentence. She claimed that Doug had a nasty habit of picking up underage sex trafficking victims, killing them and discarding their bodies. She even claimed he kept a severed head of one of his victims in their fridge.

Doug was charged with six murders, reported The Los Angeles Times. He was found guilty of six counts of first-degree murder. He was given the death penalty, while Carol was given a lighter sentence: 52 years. She died in 2003.

Some say that it was Carol who was behind the killings and that she framed Doug, who is still on death row. He continues to maintain that he is innocent. Doug says it was Carol behind the killings all along.

The two met just months before the killing spree. Doug was a factory worker, and Carol was a registered nurse. They seemed normal enough, and when they found each other at a tavern, they hit it off. In fact, they hit it off so well they moved in together almost immediately.

It didn’t take long before they realized they both had sadistic sexual fantasies that they wanted to turn into reality.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Carol told authorities that it was "a situation that started out as a fantasy [...] just got badly out of control."

To hear more about their case and other serial killers from the '80s, watch "Mysteries & Scandals" on Friday, March 2 at 9/8c.

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[Photo: Los Angeles Police Department]

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