Soledad O'Brien Talks 'Mysteries & Scandals' on 'Martinis & Murder'

The host of "Mysteries & Scandals" sat down with "Martinis & Murder" to discuss everything from the new show to being a parent to her recent knee surgery earlier in the day.

Mysteries & Scandals Premieres on January 5th!

Soledad O'Brien is hosting Mysteries & Scandals on Oxygen, Fridays at 9/8c. The accomplished journalist and host of the new show sat down with John and Daryn on this week's podcast episode of Martinis & Murder. O'Brien talked about her involvement with the show, her recently injured leg (she just had surgery hours before the recording), and how being a parent changed the way she sees the world. 

She also didn't let John and Daryn off the hook for not having a martini ready for the recording.

Check out the episode below and be sure to subscribe to Martinis & Murder for new epsiodes every week.

Mysteries & Scandals airs Fridays at 9/8c on Oxygen.

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