Enhancing Natural Nails

This week on Nail’d It, we see the importance of a full service menu in the nail business. Every client has a different need, style and natural nail challenge. In the real world, there are clients with flat, thin, weak and shapeless nails that need dramatic improvement. The only answer for them is a sculpted nail using liquid and powder. A great system will provide strength and protection and will set the stage for dramatic transformation in architecture. With these challenging nails, the form fit is critical in being able to not only produce the right elongated illusion, but also the right level of strength to withstand the wear and tear of real life. I can relate fully to this challenge, as I have this nail type…ski-jump and weak. But my nail pros have mastered the technique, which enables me to appear to have been born with amazing nails. On top of the ability to master nail enhancements, they also never send me home without the latest art. The combo is priceless and sets them apart as a winning pros!

Check out the nail art from this week's episode:

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