Jan Arnold: ‘Nail’d It’ Is a Dream Come True!

“Nail’d It” is a dream come true for many of us in the Professional Nail Industry, and to see this show come to life on screen for the first time ever is indescribable! Nails have exploded in the last few years, having gone from digits we groom and polish to now elaborate and daring works of art as seen on tonight’s premiere episode.
With today’s innovative technology merged with the most imaginative talent (like our contestants), clients can now expect to have their nails sculpted, transformed and adorned into wearable and affordable accessories that support their unique personal style.  Nails have even found a permanent place on the global runways with the highest-profile designers making a statement with every set of fashionable nails, pulling inspiration from all aspects of the world around them. 
If you think about it, nails are 20 ways we can thrill ourselves every day, and it’s the talent we’ll see every week on “Nail’d It” that brings it to life for us all!
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