Jan Arnold: What You Need To Be A Great Nail Pro

The third episode of “Nail’d It” perfectly showcased the difficulty and intricacy of the art form of nail design. Imagine taking a sable brush, dipping it into a liquid, then absorbing enough powder to create the correct consistency to make a perfectly authentic looking rose petal...one as thin and fragile as nature created it.

To be a great Nail Pro, you must have a balance between your analytical left brain, for calculated choices and strategic management of time, and your creative right brain, to invent, create and design something that thrills. THEN, place this talent in front of a client, where you are only 18” away and holding the person’s hand the entire time!!

Never underestimate the amazing talent and personality it takes to be a successful Nail Professional in today’s world. Not only has the Nail profession exploded and grown, but the status of the Nail Professional has been elevated to an important high. “Nail’d It” continues to showcase this growth and excellence in this diverse group of talented Pros!!

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