How to Get a Rad 3-D Manicure

Nail’d It will feature some insane 3-D manicures, but don’t think you’re limited to plain polish when doing your nails at home. There’s a vast world of rhinestones, studs, charms, shells, and sequins to try! Before exploring, make sure those pieces stay put for long as possible with these tips from Nail It! magazine and manicurist Karen Gutierrez.

3-D Nail Art

Note that you can use top coat or nail glue to secure 3-D pieces. For heavier charms, nail glue provides a stronger bond. To prevent smudging, make sure that your polish is completely dry before adding anything else on your nail.

How to apply 3-D pieces using top coat:

• Apply a thin layer of top coat over the entire nail before placing crystals, stones, or sequins. To place the stones, dip the very tip of an orangewood stick in your favorite top coat. Pick up the stone with the stick and place it in on the nail.
• If the top coat dries before you've placed the stone, apply a tiny bit more top coat in the desired area to get those last stones on the nail.
 Tip: If you need to move the stone you may do so before the top coat dries. You can reposition the crystal with the other side of the orangewood stick by carefully nudging it into place.
• Finish and lock in the stones by applying top coat over the entire nail.

How to apply 3-D pieces nail glue:
• You can find nail adhesive online or at your local beauty supply store. Apply a small amount of it to the nail using the tip of an orangewood stick – and only on the exact spot on the nail you would like the stones to be.
• Use nail art tweezers to place the stones. Lock them in place by applying top coat over the entire nail once you’ve finished. Tip: While some crystals have a tendency to get dull after the top coat or adhesive is applied, Swarovski crystals will not lose their shine.

Not sure exactly where to buy nail charms, rhinestones, and studs? Check out Nail It’s guide here.

[Image: Armando Sanchez/Nail It!]

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