I will be dishing on all the delicious drama.

Hello Naughty Kitchen fans! My name is Claire and I will be dishing on all the delicious drama ahead on Naughty Kitchen with Chef Blythe Beck and her hilarious staff at Central 214 in Dallas, Texas. First off, meet Chef Blythe Beck, a genius in the kitchen, lover of butter, cream, sexy men, and one of the naughtiest (and nicest) women in town. As executive chef of Central, she deals with all the heat in the kitchen and all the drama in the restaurant and then some. When Blythe found out the Dallas Morning News was going to review her restaurant, she was a little uneasy. Partly, because you cant prepare for a review- they are almost always done undercover so that you cant change or alter the recipes for the reviewer. Also, a review can truly make or break a restaurant. It is not uncommon for a bad review to seal the kiss of death for a restaurant- in fact; some establishments will close days after the review hits the stands. That is how powerful these things are. Would Blythes cream and butter coated corn be good enough? Were her chicken fried steak that looks so delish make the grade? Would her most popular Iceberg Baby salad appease the palate that counts?A few days later, restaurant manager Megan delivered the news that Central 214 received two out of five stars, the visions of celebratory champagne quickly faded for Blythe and her staff. It was hard not to feel the lump rising in Blythes throat as she choked back the tears confessing to her mom that she had failedbadly. This was news that really effected everyone- from cocktail waiters, Robyn and Sam to sous chef Eric. You know what though? There is absolutely no crying in cooking. So our girl Blythe picked herself up, hit the bottle with her pals for the night and was good as new! She called a team meeting and stated that it was time to move forward and that is just what Team Blythe will do! She may have forgotten (temporarily) but no one will forgive that two star rating that will be worn like a scarlet letter for a long time to come. It is definitely not all tears and bad news on the Naughty Kitchen, some of the funniest moments take place with the door whores Emily and Curtis. First of all, do you think that offends them? Their boss calls them door whores- just saying. Emily and Curtis intelligently pass the time of being hostesses by playing riveting games of spelling bees- a favorite word is herogenous, which I think is a combination of the words homogonous and erogenous. Emily and Curtis also like to ask each other deep philosophical questions like, if you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be. Sweet Emily couldnt seem to quite come up with a third word- who cares? The third is the worst anyway, right? The best part is when they try to answer the phonethat is just way too difficult. I mean they are only door whores!Check back next week for plenty of drama and most importantly, I will recreate the recipes you see on Naughty Kitchen so you can get really naughty in your own kitchen!

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