5 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Involved in the OJ Simpson Trial

Kardashians, Jenners and a couple of Real Housewives might leave you surprised.

By Gina Tron

The O.J. Simpson trial was a media circus. The amount of drama that surrounded it is overwhelming. So much so, that you may not realize that there were several celebrities paid a part in the craziness.

Mysteries & Scandals, airing Fridays at 6/5 on Oxygen, kicks of the series with an in depth look at the O.J. Simpson case. Here are some of the celebrities you may not have known were connected to the case.

1. Robert Kardashian

Robert Kardashian, the father of the now super-famous Kardashian women, was a close friend of O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson. He and O.J. were the best of pals. They first met on a tennis court in 1969. Simpson was even an usher when Kardashian married Kris Jenner, according to the Los Angeles Times.

In 1994, Kardashian was not a household name. The father of the Keeping Up With the Kardashian sisters worked as an attorney, and he decided to join his disgraced friend’s legal team. The night before Simpson's dramatic police chase, Simpson slept at the Kardashian home. Simpson even considered suicide while in Khloe's bedroom.

Kardashian supported O.J. but soon became conflicted when he realized that his friend of several decades might have actually killed Nicole.

In a 1996 interview on ABC’s “20/20,” he revealed that he suspected Simpson was guilty.

“I wake up in the middle of the night. I’m so conflicted because of that blood evidence,” he said.

His reaction to the "not guilty" verdict was indeed legendary.

According to the Huffington Post, Kardashian did not believe that the Los Angeles Police Department was behind a conspiracy to frame his friend Simpson. Their once chummy relationship was never the same. Kardashian died of cancer in 2003.

It certainly wasn't the family's last brush with fame!

2. Kris Jenner

Jenner and Kardashian divorced in 1991 but they remained close friends. She was also besties with Nicole.

O.J. even called Jenner after the murders, which Jenner revealed on an episode of Ellen.

“He called me a few times [right after]. He wanted to talk, and explain how he felt,” Jenner told Ellen Degeneres.

“It was painful,” Jenner said. “You know, it was just every single day it was something different and it was really difficult because my ex-husband [Robert Kardashian ] was on one side, I was kind of on the other and the kids were stuck in the middle. It was trying to explain this to children and then O.J. had called and everybody lost so much that night. It was you lost everything you knew and I can’t even imagine being her family, her sister, her parents—they were so devastated. All of us friends were completely you know [...] it was hard.”

Jenner pushed to make domestic violence relevant in Nicole’s murder, and attempted to bring O.J.’s abusive past to light during the trial.

"Back then [domestic violence] was still very much viewed as a family affair, something to be swept under the rug," Marcia Clark, lead prosecutor of the murder trial told Broadly. "[People thought], You don't wash your dirty laundry by calling the cops and that sort of thing. They didn't view it as a crime, let alone as a crime that often leads to murder—which it often does."

Clark said that Jenner was the one responsible for bringing forth witnesses of the domestic violence between O.J. and Nicole.

"She brought out Nicole's friends who saw her getting beaten or abused by him, so she was helpful,” Clark said.

Jenner had plans to meet up with Nicole the day after she was murdered.

3. Faye Resnick

Faye Resnick (pictured, left) of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills played a big role in the Simpson trial. Calling herself one of Nicole’s best friends, she authored a tell-all book about her friendship with O.J. and Nicole Simpson in 1994. The best-selling book, Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted, was published just three months after Nicole and Goldman’s murders.

New York Magazine called Resnick’s book the “apotheosis of trashiness.” The L.A. Times stated that judge Lance Ito had to suspend jury selection for the trial so that he could look into whether the book would have an impact on the case. According to Vanity Fair, Resnick said she wrote the book to expose how Nicole was abused by O.J.

“Whenever Nicole and I were in her house, we’d always check to see if O.J. was hiding in the bushes,” Resnick wrote in the memoir. “We’d look out the window when we were in the living room and say, ‘Is O.J. out there?’ Nicole had caught O.J. in the bushes spying on her more than once.”

Resnick also detailed the alleged sexual relationship she and Nicole shared.

“The night Nicole and I were [sexually] together was unique,” she wrote. “We had both been disillusioned and deeply hurt by men and had lost trust in everything but each other.”

Resknick is no longer a regular cast member on RHOBH.

4. Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner was married to Kris Jenner at the time of the turmelteous trial.

“We pretty much knew he was guilty right from the beginning, but the whole thing was, ‘Is he going to get away with it?’ Caitlyn said in a recent interview, adding that she knew that Nicole told Kris that Simpson was going to kill her someday, and get away with it because of his fame.

According to TMZ, Simpson responded to that statement in a statement of his own, a transphobic one: “I don't know Caitlyn, I've never met Caitlyn, as far as Bruce is concerned...I really didn't know him that well. If he wants to choose to live his life as an old lady instead of an old man, hey, women live longer. He might be onto something.”

They definitely did know each other though and there is photographic proof of that.

One photo from a vacation that the Simpsons and the Jenners took together shows O.J. standing right next to Caitlyn.

Mysteries & Scandals will delve into more mysteries and scandals that surround this controversial murder trial, starting January 5 on Oxygen.

5. Kathryn Edwards

Kathryn Edwards is another former cast member of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.  She is the former wife of Marcus Allen, a former NFL player. Allen was close friends with O.J. and Nicole Simpson. In fact, Edwards and Allen even married at O.J.’s estate one year before the murders. Resnick claimed that Allen and Nicole were having an affair. According to Bravo, she implied that the affair eventually led to Nicole’s murder. Check out the awkward moment that Edwards and Resnick sat across the table from eachother during an episode of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.

Hard Copy even aired Edwards and Allen' wedding video in its coverage of O.J.'s murder trial at the time.

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