Adrian Clemons

Sharp and extremely driven, Adrian Clemons is a classically trained dancer who was born to move. His dedication to dance began shortly after he could walk and continues to this day. His natural skills and experienced technique led to an invitation to join the world-renowned Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. However, Adrian decided to turn this opportunity down to pursue his dream of becoming a dancer on his own terms. Even with his “all-in” attitude and extremely likeable personality, Adrian can sometimes be misconstrued as the “ditz” within the group. He is honest and savvy enough to want the world on a silver platter but also naïve enough to believe no one will care when he steps out in hot pink lipstick and fabulous false eyelashes. As Adrian tries to make it as a professional dancer, he fights the hardest to be accepted by an unsupportive family. Despite his family's lack of approval, he believes The Prancing Elites will open doors for him that would have never been opened otherwise. His dreams reach beyond dance stardom to high-fashion runways and even as far as the silver screen. Adrian has faith in himself and his talent and won’t let anything stand in the way of making it to the top.