Alli Alberts

Alli Alberts is the freespirited, wild child of the team. She is a General Dentist and Prosthodontic Resident by day and one of the league’s top Wide Receivers by night. She was an All-American collegiate athlete who played volleyball and ran track at Washington University in St. Louis, and when those days came to an end, she sought new sporting challenges that led her to the LFL.  Alli is dedicated to the sport so much so that her dentistry career is at risk if she injures her hands or fingers in any way. Her competitive drive originates from her mother and athleticism from her father, and she is known as one of the most supportive players on the field. Alli is one of a few top, featured players for the Chicago Bliss, but as much as she loves the limelight, she fears it will change her attitude on the field and alter the dynamic of the team.  More than just a pretty face, Alli has a sensitive heart that she protects from long-term commitment with casual Tinder dates and late-night partying.