Blair Myers

Independent by nature and nicknamed "the machine" for his extraordinary work ethic, Blair Myers has blazed his own path in life from the moment he was born, always defining what it means to be completely true to one’s self. While some say he belongs in Southern California, the lower part of the Mason Dixon line has always been his home, despite any obstacles he has faced living there. Although he never truly fit the idea of what many think of as a “typical” Southerner, Blair is very Southern in one way: he only drinks sweet tea.

Closing a residential transaction every 18 hours and over 400 transactions a year as a realtor, he is also a new construction builder, financier for builders and developers, and a budding developer himself. Blair is the self-made mogul of all things real estate in Middle Georgia. No one lists and sells as much real estate in Middle Georgia as Blair Myers - for six consecutive years.Read more

Characterized by a love for designer fashion, fitness and all things beauty oriented as well as being a master chef, Blair’s personal brand revolves around the same qualities of drive, discipline and focus that also define his real estate business. In business as in life, he continues to stay on top of trends, yet is also led by his own feeling for what is right for himself and his team, forging a unique trail. Some people have wondered how he has been able to not only survive, but thrive in the South. Others wonder how he became the #1 Realtor in Georgia as ranked by The Wall Street Journal. The message Blair lives by is clear: own who you are, be proud of all that entails, don't ever let anyone knock you down, and be strong enough to stand on your own no matter what comes your way. His life hasn't always been easy, but he has survived it all and come out stronger in the end.

Whether it's his work in real estate or how he leads in his personal life, Blair hopes to inspire others to achieve the greatest they can become. The principle that he leads his life with and imparts to others is rather simple: everything you need is within you. Follow Blair's fashion, beauty and fitness advice as well as his favorite recipes for healthy yet delicious foods on his blog at