Cameron Moberg “Camer1”

Street Name: Camer1

Age: 33Read more

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

A Pastor who paints to give hope, Cameron, 33, is a self-taught artist who fell in love with the trade as a child. His color deficiency, combined with his love of the 80’s, has influenced Cameron’s use of vivid colors as they are the only colors he can truly see. Now residing in San Francisco, Cameron paints murals on businesses for a government program throughout the city. Ever since he was a teenager, Cameron has been involved in an organization that helps hard-hit families in the community come together. With no formal training, Cameron is hoping his heart, skill and faith will carry him to the finish line. Currently living in low-income housing with his wife and two kids, Cameron is fighting to win this competition so he can buy a home for his family.