Drekia Glenn

Hailing from a family of successful entrepreneurs, Drekia Glenn wants to make it big in the entertainment industry. She splits time between working at her mom’s restaurant and going to the hottest clubs to scout for talent, in hopes of discovering a new artist. Drekia has had some minor successes, specifically while working for Shawty Lo, but now she’s ready to break out and get a taste of big-time success in the music game. After reaching out to music executive Bu Thiam, Drekia finally has her shot at the big-time and will learn the ropes as Bu’s second assistant. Dedication to her job won’t be an issue for Drekia as she has always been a hard worker. Her career goal is to run an entertainment concierge firm, serving the needs of all facets of show business from athletes to models to music artists and more. Additionally, she has a dream to build a center for underprivileged talented children to help them perfect their crafts as upcoming musicians, actors, artists and executives. With her strong will and fiery personality, Drekia is determined to one day have it all.