Heather Furr

A natural leader on the football field, Heather Furr plays Quarterback and Safety for the Chicago Bliss and has worked her way through the ranks over the past four years in the Legends Football League to become one of the top players and a two-time MVP. Growing up with six siblings in a blended family, Heather has always strived to be the golden child in the eyes of her parents. Her father and step-father loved her interest in sports, and she was constantly a perfectionist. Today, Heather works as a personal trainer and bartender but knows both careers are not sustainable. She feels a looming pressure to “grow up” and start checking off the boxes of life’s checklist – having a long-term career, getting married, moving to the suburbs and starting a family – but she is still discovering who she is as a person. Spontaneous in life and passionate about football, Heather wants to help bring the Bliss to another championship year and hopes moving in with her boyfriend, Matt, could be the start of the next phase of her life, but will their relationship cloud her focus on the field?