Jamie Barwick

Fighting to keep her spot in the starting lineup, Jamie Barwick is being shifted to a new position on the Chicago Bliss as Center for the upcoming season. Her coach fears she has reached the pinnacle of her football career, and Jamie knows she is one bad snap away from being benched. The sport is her only outlet for relieving stress, and it is slipping through her fingers when new rookie recruits and other seasoned veterans begin competing for her spot on the team. A single mother, Jamie’s son is the true love of her life and as he begins to play football, she questions whether she would rather be a cheerleader mom on the sidelines or risking it all for herself on the field. In addition to her LFL commitments and motherhood, Jamie must also balance her job in Pharmaceutical Sales and the financial constraints of owning a home.  As the pressure to perform on the field weighs heavy, she will quickly realize that she cannot handle it all, and something has to give.