Kentrell Collins

As captain and founder of The Prancing Elites, Kentrell Collins knows the biggest dreams sometimes take the most resilience, and he is determined to see the team rise above the clutches of Mobile, Alabama, and take on the world. Kentrell discovered his love of dancing in high school and has never looked back. His passion has evolved from practicing alone in his bathroom, embarrassed by who he was, to openly devoting every waking moment of his life to the craft and growth of his team. The natural leader among the group, Kentrell bases his coaching style on his time in the U.S. Army when he was stationed in Germany. This diligent approach to leadership can create friction on the team as he often struggles to find a balance between being a strong captain and a compassionate one. He believes in earning the team’s trust rather than demanding it, but the other Elites question his authoritative ways. Kentrell also functions as the team’s seamstress and hand designs every costume for the group. Unapologetic about who he is, Kentrell doesn’t let anyone tell him or his teammates that they can’t live life exactly how they want to.