Keven Undergaro

 A true jack-of-all-trades, Keven Undergaro has been dedicated to the entertainment industry and his beautiful girlfriend, Maria Menounos, for over 15 years. With gigs such as MTV Head Writer alongside Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra and independent filmmaking with movies in the festival circuits such as Tribeca, South by Southwest, and Palm Springs, he has a true passion and enthusiasm for the industry. When he met Maria on the set of one of his independent films 15 years ago, he fell head over heels and became her first and only boyfriend. She wanted to produce movies but Keven argued that would put her on the wrong side of the camera.  Knowing she was a star in the making, he shot and edited footage of her and submitted it to Hollywood contacts. She was immediately hired by Channel One News and soon after Entertainment Tonight.  He believes in Maria like no one else - that she could and can do it all. A constant support system, Keven is an influencer and advocate for her books, talk shows, networks, productions, charities, and overall well-being. Whether he is helping her write a book, running her networks or producing her talk shows, he believes in everything she does at work and at home. He continues to invest his time in filmmaking every chance he gets, creating Maria’s online broadcast network AfterBuzz TV, which now plays to a weekly audience of 20 million people in over 100 countries. Even though Keven isn’t Greek, he is adored by the Menounos family and lives with Maria, her parents, and their six dogs under one roof.