MC Lyte (Special Guest Mentor)

The FIRST female to perform Hip Hop in the White House and the FIRST African American female to serve as the President of the Los Angeles chapter of the Recording Academy (Grammy Organization) are just the first of her many firsts. Lyricist, inspirational speaker, DJ, pioneer, ICON, veteran and entrepreneur are just a few words to describe the most prolific and well-respected female Hip Hop artists of all time: MC Lyte. She has consistently found ways to reinvent herself musically, while expanding her resume and garnering a new generation of fans.

A current member of the Board of Trustees of Dillard University and reared in Brooklyn, New York, MC Lyte always has her finger on Hip Hop’s pulse. Many are familiar with her stellar music making skills but over the course of her extensive career, MC Lyte has ventured out to other avenues that have allowed her to show the world just how talented she truly is.Read more

Without a doubt, a pioneer in the industry. She opened the door for female Hip Hop artists that followed by daring to do what had never been done while doing something she loved. MC Lyte is the FIRST rap artist ever to perform at New York’s historic Carnegie Hall, the FIRST female rapper to ever receive a gold single, the FIRST female solo rapper ever nominated for a Grammy and in 2006, MC Lyte became the FIRST solo female rapper to be honored/inducted into VH-1’s HIP HOP HONORS.

MC Lyte has graced network television as well. On the big screen, she has been the voice behind the VH1 Hip Hop Honors and national campaigns for Wherehouse Music, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Nike. She was the host of Morning Cup on Centric and she made history as the FIRST female MC in her 40’s to release a full length album as she unveiled her lyrical talent, once again, to the world with the release of her critically acclaimed album, LEGEND.

MC Lyte resides in Los Angeles, California, and reigns as the CEO of Sunni Gyrl, Inc. and the Chair of Hip Hop Sisters Foundation, which has presented over $750,000 in college scholarships. Always staying current and with the times, MC Lyte has expanded her empire with her very own mobile app ( This new venture will provide MC Lyte fans with a more unique and personal look into her music endeavors and upcoming events. The app is FREE to download and available to both Apple and Android users. Download today, search for MC LYTE APP (