Nneka Nwani

One of the toughest, strongest and fastest women on the team, Nneka Nwani, known as Nani, plays on the offensive and defensive lines for the Bliss. Currently working hard to brand herself as a personal trainer, Nani is a former college basketball player with a reputation of being outspoken and determined. Her coach and fellow teammates often describe her as one of the best athletes in the league. Nani does crave the spotlight and her seemingly selfish behavior and attitude occasionally rubs the other players the wrong way. They need to see more of a commitment from her as a teammate and fear she may disrupt the natural order of the Bliss. Nani is a rising star and while being the new kid on the block once had its perks, her newfound success has created tension. She is learning that separating herself from the pack may be her own undoing.