Pastor Don William Shelby Jr.

Pastor Don William Shelby Jr. and wife, Bonita Shelby, founded his congregation Burning Bush International Ministries Church of God in Christ over twenty years ago. Setting sights on the music world as well, Pastor Shelby created a label for his family’s gospel group, “The Shelby 5,” comprised of the couple’s five children. All between the ages 15-24, the Shelby kids are pure Christians who are expected to live under their parent’s roof and save themselves until marriage, but with the budding success of their group, they must continue to resist the temptations that come with their recognition.

In addition to cultivating his three church locations, Pastor Shelby is currently working on yet another project – building a state-of-the-art mega-church. Between juggling his ministries, the family singing career, the church’s renowned gospel choir and the recent development project, Pastor Shelby is faced with the challenge of being spread very thin with all of his endeavors.