Paul Cantarella

Paul is the son of Richard and Lauretta, brother to Tracey, and has helped run the family car wash business since the very beginning. Born on Staten Island, he met his wife, Kim, through a mutual friend and knew right away that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Paul is extremely family oriented and loves to spend time with his two children, Richie and Toni Ann. His favorite activity is to go to the gym with his kids. Paul went to college for only two months, figuring out early on that school wasn’t for him, and immediately went into business with his father. In 2006, Paul and his family opened their first car wash in Arizona and a second in 2008. Paul is always looking for the next opportunity to come his way. He has always been interested in real estate, specifically in flipping homes. He hopes that he can expand upon this passion with his son, who recently graduated high school.