The Empire


The Empire is an eclectic group that hails from Baltimore with members Ciera, Colby, Davrielle, Fred and Ivy. Ciera, an aspiring actress and former pageant queen will do whatever it takes to keep her squad in the lead; even if it includes luring members from other teams into her web to crush them later. Colby, also known as “Starrz”, is a rapper who has a past with both Ciera and Ivy, the latter causing some problems for him during the competition. Davrielle is the “ride or die” member of The Empire, even though she is sometimes overlooked amongst the group. Fred is a standup comedian, but his serious side comes out during competition and displays his incredible loyalty to his crew. Ivy thrives off creating drama as she quickly makes a move for a member of another squad as soon as she gets in the house; catching all the teams off-guard.