Tom Bachik

One of the top “Man”-icurists in the world, Tom Bachik is one of the most sought after nail professionals in the fashion industry and among celebrity elite. Coined “The Rad Manicurist,” he currently polishes the hands and toes of A-list celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Zooey Deschanel, Victoria Beckham, Anne Hathaway, Heidi Klum, and Jessica Simpson to name a few. Top publications and high-end brands, such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, Allure, InStyle, Gucci, Versace and Armani call on Bachik for his unique and stunning nail designs. With over 20 years of experience, he has developed product innovations and application techniques for some of the most well-known companies in the industry. He was the first nail artist to have a contract with Chanel and currently travels the world as the first ever ‘Global Nail Designer’ and celebrity manicurist for L’Oreal Paris. A trained graphic designer, Bachik is all about designing the most visually fashion-forward looks – whether it’s the most elegant, timeless and classic natural nail manicure or styling something unexpectedly bold and cutting edge; his designs are unparalleled works of art. Bachik has won over 300 prestigious nail contests, including the WINBA World Championship. In addition, he has judged nail art competitions across the US, Europe, and Asia. Based in Southern Calif., he is married to his wife Liz and has two sons and a 15-year-old daughter, Zoie, who frequents as his nail art muse.