Yashi Rice

Yashi Rice is an alpha female with a lot to prove. Growing up as the youngest of six in a home of athletes, including her Super Bowl Champion brother, Simeon Rice, Yashi knows that she has big shoes to fill. She has emerged a true team leader and is one of the best defensive linemen in the league. However, her confidence on the field rivals her true passion of musical super stardom. She is a struggling R&B artist trying to prove she is worth her brother’s investment, and while talented and having worked with key figures in the industry, she still hasn’t found the success she hopes for. In the midst of balancing football and her singing career, she is recently sidelined by the uncertainty of her mother’s ailing health. From the Gridiron game all the way to the stage, Yashi has an endless work ethic, tireless drive for success and is determined to prove that anything is possible.