Deitrick Haddon: Son of a Preacher Man

In this video interview, Deitrick Haddon shares a funny story from his childhood as a "P.K" or "preacher's kid." Growing up, Haddon's father was a bishop in Detroit and his mother was an Evangelist, making him "groomed for leadership." Haddon says that at 10 years old, he heard a voice that told him he was meant to spread the gospel. That Sunday at church, his parents encouraged him to get on stage and address the crowd. It's hard to believe that the outgoing, well-spoken preacher and singer we know today had a bad case of stage fright back then. Click to watch the clip.

Stay tuned for Preachers of L.A., premiering Wednesday, October 9 at 10/9c.


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Q&A with Deitrick Haddon 

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