Pastor Wayne Chaney: We'll Be Pushed to the Breaking Point in Season 2

By Oxygen

Pastor Wayne Chaney was the friendly, handsome, feel-good pastor of Season 1 of Preachers of L.A. He and his wife Myesha were all gospel music, fun, and PDA all over the place. This season, he's getting a little more personal and serious about his rocky family life. He's also prepared to answer the question: does he practice what he preaches? Read the full Q&A with Pastor Wayne Chaney below! 

How have you been since Season 1? 

Since Season 1, things have been amazing. I think it was the first time any of us endeavored to get into the reality world, so it was a unique process. There was a great team who made us feel comfortable but, we were extremely vulnerable going into that season. The second season is different. We’re much more efficient across the board, and our comfort level shifted based on previous experience. We played it a little safe in the first season, but not this time.

What has been some feedback from your first appearance?

There’s always a little heat from various Christian leaders, and from people who are nervous about Christians going into the reality space. But, I think we made them believers after the first season. We were transparent, and most of the story lines were redemptive. We won many of the critics over. Sure, there are going to be a lot of haters, but that’s to be expected. We are proud of it. We made history. 

Did you have anyone inspired by the show?

Usually in L.A., people aren’t as interested in people who are TV -- you can run into Tom Cruise or Denzel Washington any minute. But, even in our own backyard we’ve had people come to us and tell us they haven’t been to church in 25 or 30 years, or who have never been to church before, but after seeing the show, they wanted to get to know us personally and attend. It’s very inspiring.

What should viewers look forward to the most on Season 2?

We are baring a lot more this year. You thought we were a handful before, wait until you get to meet my extended family!  I don’t want to give away too much. But, it’s intriguing when pastors are faced with the same adversity that you face -- will they live what they preach? Many of us are pushed to our breaking point, so that becomes the question. Will we live what we preach to others?

You and Myesha come off as a pretty modern couple. Are you guys trying to send the message that a church can be modern?

It’s not something that we’re intentionally trying to do. That’s who we are. In many respects we’re not your traditional pastor and wife – whether that’s our relationship, our sexuality, our ministry, our tattoos (you’ll have to watch the show for more on that!)  -- we’re not your stereotypical pastor and wife.  

Man cave was crazy! How did it feel to watch it?

You know, it’s funny -- every time you see the Type A alpha males get together, there are going to be fireworks. What allows us to take it there is again: the authentic love we have for one another. When we’re heated or emotional about our points, what’s not communicated is the depth of love and respect . Anytime we get the guys together, we’re not always going to be on the same page, theologically, philosophically, and otherwise. They guys are opinionated, but it’s always fun to meet.

What are you doing on Premiere night?   

I think I’m going to throw a party, maybe get a venue! Although…I have to see the footage first…I have to make sure I’m in it!

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