Preacher Debate: Do You Think Tattoos Are Sinful?

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Tattooing is a hot-button issue on tonight's episode of Preachers of L.A. Pastor Jay Haizlip and his wife Christy think tattoos are just fine, both in and out of the ministry. First Lady Myesha Chaney, however, doesn't think they belong in a church setting. What do you think? Are tattoos sinful? Can a preacher have tattoos? Watch the clip above, then use your webcam to record your stance in this week's Preacher Debate!

Read both sides, and tell us like it is.

Christy: Jay and I love tattoos. We feel like they are a form of an artistic expression. How do you put tattoos with sin?

Myesha: I feel like as leaders in the Christian community, we have the responsibiity of being examples. I think it's inappropriate. There are some things for a Christian leader, for a man of God or a woman of God -- there are some thngs that should be off limits.

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