Preacher Debate: The Blow Out Between Jay and Deitrick (VOTE!)

By Oxygen

On one side, Jay Haizlip feels his integrity as a pastor has been jeopardized as he married Deitrick and Dominique without knowing Dominique was pregnant. “Here’s where I have the problem,” Jay says to Deitrick. “ I’m putting my reputation on the line to say I support and endorse you.” Jay explained that he would typically sit down with a couple to have a premarital conversation. Yet Jay was asked to step in for Bishop Noel Jones to marry the couple at the last minute.
Deitrick's stance is that there was not time to tell Jay their "personal business," and he believes Jay approached him with a judgmental spirit. “I’ve been dealing with judgement from people and self-righteous people attacking me,” explains  Deitrick. “So for Jay to start casting a dark shadow over my wedding, it felt like I was being judged again.” 
Clearly this is a complicated issue and both men have strong feelings. Vote for who you think makes the strongest case!

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