Preacher Debate: The "Shacking" Issue (VOTE!)

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Minister Deitrick Haddon and his fiancee Dominique are tired of living apart. Dominique feels that church pressures are keeping Deitrick away from their daughter Destin. First Lady LaVette Gibson, however, feels differently. According to her, the Bible is against "shacking," as the Gibsons call it...end of story. What do you think? Read both sides of the debate, and vote in the poll below! 

Dominique: "Because I can't live with my fiancee, it's like I'm living the life of a single mother. I dont know why all y'all old school 1970s people feel like it's a bad thing to live with the person you're in love with and gonna marry. Who cares? It's keeping her from seeing her daddy all day long. If he wasn't who he was, no one would care, but because he's Deitrick Haddon, he's this gospel superstar, he's gotta follow these rules and standards...We're committed to each other."

LaVette: "...Your generation thinks it's old school, but it's Bible. You really dont cohabitate without marriage. There's your private opinion and then there's the Word. When the Word speaks, then you're on solid ground."

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