Q&A with Pastor Wayne Chaney: "An 8-Year-Old Could Understand My Message"

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Preachers of L.A. premieres TONIGHT at 10/9c, so get excited! For one thing, you won't be able to tear yourself away from the antics of Pastor Wayne Chaney, an easy-going L.A. pastor with a very accessible, universal approach to his sermons. He's dedicated to preaching, but we'll also get to know his life away from the pulpit -- and the chemistry between he and his wife Myesha will leave you blushing! Scroll down to read a Q&A with Wayne, where we discussed his hobbies, his call to the ministry, and of course...his lovely wife.

What was your experience like during the filming of the show? High points, low points…

It’s interesting. Definitely new, not because of the camera but because of having this level of exposure. I’m a pretty candid person but it’s different to walk into the headquarters of production and see your life up on a wall; your vulnerability, strength, weaknesses on display.  Knowing that many people are talking about you without you being there, in the church world, is a little scary. 

How do you think your church will react to this magnified look into your personal life? Anything in particular will surprise them?

I think the church enjoys the proccess, but they are concerned because of the climate of reality shows. I want them to trust me. The transparency is not a huge challenge, because I’m probably one of the most transparent people in ministry. We talk about it.

You and your wife flirt a lot during the show. Will that be anything they didn’t expect?

Please! That’s the PG version.  

Your wife credited your success to making your sermons practical, relevant, and relatable. Would you agree? How do you think you do that?

I’m very accessible and down to earth. I’m a big believer in humility. Sometimes people take advantage of that. If they’re too familiar with you, they will not always give the respect you deserve. But in a general sense, it’s been good for me. As for my speaking style, I like being a relatable person and keeping speech simple. I reach people at all levels. An 8-year-old could understand my message.

In a video clip, you say that your grandfather knew you were going to be a pastor when you were only three. What do you think he saw in you?

For fear of sounding spooky, I believe things that happen in our lives are supernatural. Sometimes, things happen in life that just don’t make sense, and no empirical observation can lead you to a conclusion. It's insight that God gives. Things happen in our lives that are unexplainable to humans. God is supernatural. And I believe my grandfather saw that.  

You have three beautiful children of your own. Do you see any of them being future pastors some day?

Lord, I hope not. I’m just joking, but it’s a lot of pressure. But I was just thinking about that this morning. I could see any of my kids doing it in their own unique way. Wayne is most like me. He’s special, reflective, searching for spiritual truth… he’s got a natural empathy towards people that’s off the charts. I don’t put it past any of my children. Reign, my oldest daughter, is philosophical… she pushes status quo challenges, asks questions. That’s a great quality for a pastoral leader.

When you’re not doing church-related duties, where could we find you hanging out?

Find me in the backyard swimming with my kids, from time to time my dad has cigar nights. My favorite pastime --don’t be jealous Oxygen -- traveling. If I wasn’t preaching, I would work on the Travel Channel.

Where do you want to travel that you haven’t been to?

I’ve always been to every continent (Antartica doesn’t count) but one place I’d like to go is India for culture and the food.

Your wife mentioned in an interview that you met when you returned home from college. Where did you go and what did you study?

I went to Morehouse to study English linguistics and psychology. I came back from college and my wife passed me -- she attacked me! She had tight jeans, cute little tight shirt… semi-hoochie attire.

So you asked her out?

I had to invite the whole praise team to look good, but a few of them liked me too, so I canceled each one by one, went to eat, took her to one of my favorite beaches in Malibu and she ended up kissing me. We never made it to the movies.

You said you used to watch R-rated movies as a kid. Any guilty pleasures you want to share?

Right now I’m into TV… especially Boardwalk Empire. I’m not violent, but I do like Sons of Anarchy!

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