Sneak Peek: Rescuing Shaun from the Dope House

By Oxygen

Bishop Ron Gibson’s younger sister, Shaun, is a longtime drug addict who fends off help. But after a conversation with their concerned mother, Gibson feels it’s his duty to intervene. The Bishop, his wife LaVette, and his sister Teri drive out to Compton one afternoon to rescue Shaun from a dope house once and for all. But it's not so easy storming a place like that, according to Gibson. "We have to pray that nothing crazy happens," he says. "...It's the YGs I don't know...the Young Gangsters. They have no respect for anybody. They'd kill their own mother if they had to." Will the Gibsons make a successful intervention, or get Shaun into even more trouble? Watch the Sneak Peek.

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