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Serial Killer Week What To Watch On Oxygen

How To Watch Oxygen's Serial Killer Week: 5 Chilling Shows About The All-Time Scariest Murderers

Serial Killer Week is a nine-night special event running from Saturday, April 10 to Sunday, April 18 on Oxygen.

By Becca van Sambeck

Murder, for most people, is a shocking, unfathomable idea — which is part of why serial killers both terrify and fascinate many of us. These individuals are able to kill, over and over again, hunting strangers, mostly for the sheer thrill of murder. Just how a person is capable of such atrocities is as disturbing as it is difficult for many people to understand.

During Oxygen's Serial Killer Week, airing Saturday, April 10 through Sunday, April 18, viewers can dive into the stories of these notorious criminals, with a slew of new true-crime programming that examines some of the most horrific serial killers of all time.

A major highlight will be the all-new special, "Rifkin on Rifkin: Private Confessions of a Serial Killer," in which Joel Rifkin speaks directly about why he committed murder, again and again. Also, the hunt for a murderer is explored in "Catching a Serial Killer: Bruce McArthur," and viewers can learn all about a deadly boarding house with "Murder At The Boarding House," what happens when a loved one is revealed as a murderer with "Living With A Serial Killer," and more about serial killers across the globe. in "Mark of a Killer." 

Simply put, Serial Killer Week is essential programming for true-crime lovers — now, here's how to watch!

It's easier than ever to dive into Oxygen programming from anywhere, with full episodes available for streaming on your TV, smartphone or computer. Watch episodes with the Oxygen App, available on iOS and Android by simply entering your cable, digital or satellite TV subscription information — or take advantage of three free credits that Oxygen offers for watching without a login. Elsewhere, most shows are available on AppleTVAmazon Fire TVRoku and through Chromecast. Individual episodes can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, and Google Play as well.  

Shows that are in-season can be streamed live with a Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, or YouTube TV subscription. And you can always watch full episodes right here at Oxygen.com by entering your cable subscription information. Pick the platform that works for you and start your streaming with Oxygen

Rifkin Header Background

Through newly revealed interviews from Attica Correctional Facility, New York’s most prolific serial killer, Joel Rifkin, reveals key insights into the mind of a monster exclusively to Oxygen. With unprecedented interviews with Rifkin’s childhood friends, investigators on the case, and those closest to the victims, viewers will be offered fresh perspective into the psyche of the infamous serial killer. How did he continue to fly under the radar while committing 17 murders? Those closest to the case reveal how Rifkin became the invisible madman who made headlines and almost got away with murder.

Cask 800x450

Bruce McArthur was many things: a friend, a grandfather, a shopping mall Santa, a landscaper, and a ruthless serial killer who buried his victims’ body parts in the yards of his posh clientele. “Catching a Serial Killer: Bruce McArthur” unravels the twists and turns of the shocking investigation into Toronto’s most prolific serial killer. Through exclusive interviews with McArthur’s close friends, homicide investigators, and expert analyses by leading criminologists and forensic psychologists, this two-hour special uncovers how McArthur targeted, terrorized, and murdered members of the Ontario capital's LGBTQ+ community for nearly a decade.

“Mark of a Serial Killer” Season 3— Monday - Friday at 8/7c

Moask S3 800x450

The modi operandi of those who repeatedly kill will be explored throughout Season 3 of the Oxygen series "Mark of a Serial Killer."

In the season's first episode, a killer is murdering and mutilating young women along the Route 40 corridor in Delaware. But when investigators set up an undercover operation, the hunter becomes the hunted.

“Living with a Serial Killer” — Wednesday, April 14, at 9/8c and Thursday, April 15 at 8/7c and 9/8c

Lwask 800x450

In the first episode of this series, which looks at those who have discovered a loved one is a serial killer, viewers will learn about Joanne Dennehy, who stabbed three men to death in 2013. Now, for the first time, her daughter, Shianne, shares how she has struggled to come to terms with the realities of being the child of one of Britain’s most dangerous women.

The second episode of this season is about Peter Tobin, who raped and murdered Angelika Kluk in 2006. Police suspected this was not his first kill, and with the help of Tobin’s ex-wife, Cathy Wilson, a ground-breaking investigation unearthed more victims and soon revealed Tobin as a serial killer.

For 10 days in 2006, an unidentified killer terrified the rural town of Ipswich, snatching five sex workers from the streets and strangling them to death. When Pam Wright discovers that the killer was her own partner, her world begins to crumble, which is explored in the third episode.

“Murders at the Boarding House" Part One — Saturday, April 17 at 7/6c and Sunday, April 18 at 7/6c

Matbh 800x450

When the Sacramento Police Department received a missing person report from a concerned social worker, they sent Det. John Cabrera to the boarding house where the individual was last seen. The older landlady, Dorothea Puente, is friendly and cooperative — but when Cabrera discovers human remains in the backyard, Puente falls under suspicion of murder. Then, with police getting closer to unearthing the rest of the bodies, the Puente gives Cabrera the slip and goes on the run.  

During Oxygen'Serial Killer Week, don't miss the series premiere of "Mastermind of Murder," which is all about those who manipulated others into deadly schemes, the Season 3 premiere of "Accident, Suicide or Murder," new episodes of Oxygen classic "Snapped," and specials like "Dahmer on Dahmer: A Serial Killer Speaks" and "Kemper on Kemper: Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer."