Adair on episode 6: Art for Life

I wasn't surprised by Russell's goal of $1 million. Before the shifts in the economy, Art for Life was always positioned to raise over $1 million, but since the big "R," we faced increased challenges. Ultimately, I wasn't surprised by Russell's goal of $1 million.

What the camera did not catch was the months of preparations, multiple meetings with the press team, and all the hard work that the Rush Philanthropic team put in to make Art for Life a success every year. They really do all the heavy lifting.

Russell and I go through the conversation of there not being enough celebrity confirmation for ALL of our events. I'm used to it at this point and confident in the relationships we have to make things happen.

Art for Life this year was GRRREEAT!! We're well in to planning next year's event, and I'm looking forward to it.

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